My Autobiography

           I am Thea Janelle A. Dela Cruz, I was born on April 1,1999 at Korean Hospital in Trece Martirez City. I live in Indang Cavite, I was raised by my parents  Cherry Dela Cruz and Edison Dela Cruz while growing up. I have one brother his name is John Lythird Dela Cruz. He is only 9 months turning 1 this coming September. I remember when I was a child my mother and father is always taking care of me. They always play with me and teach me the good things that a child should be. They are always there for me in good times and bad times. They always make me smile when i am sad, that’s why  I love them so much,I cherish all my memories with them the way they treat me when i was a child is the same as the way they treat me today, I remember when we celebrate my 7th Birthday, I’m so excited to wear my new dress that i will use for my Party,after my Birthday I’m so happy because i receive many gifts.That one is the happiest thing that happened in my life, When the days go longer, I notice that there is something that change in my attitude, I can study with my own , I can do my homework alone without the help of My Mother, I promise when I grew up I want to be a successful business woman,I want to achieve My goal in life so i can help my family someday,to return all the things that they do for me, I want them to be proud of me.